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Artist Statement:
I enjoy creating art for the public environment.  The process is stimulating, and rewarding. 
Each project is different, presenting new thematic and spatial opportunities.  I enjoy the 
collaborative process. Having artwork placed in a public venue is very exciting in that it
becomes a important element of the entire project.  Knowing that a broad spectrum of
people will interact with the work on a daily basis over a long period of time is a vital
consideration in the design and execution of my work.  This allows the work to be
intuitively and non-verbally accessible while revealing deeper levels of discovery over
repeated viewing.  The fact that each project is different inspires me to continually test
new concepts, materials, and techniques.  It is very rewarding to have the opportunity
to share my work and experiences with the community.





River Valley

"River Valley"

This project depicts the rural landscape of Northern California.
The desire was to reflect the landscape of the region 
in a natural and serene manner to create a peaceful 
and contemplative ambiance.

30ft across by 3ft high composed of 12 wood panels.
Oil paint on mixed material composite. 
Commissioned by Art Consulting Services 
for Sutter Hospital 
Sacramento, CA.
River Valley
Panel 1
River Valley
Panel 2
River Valley
Panel 3
River Valley
Panel 4
River Valley
Panel 5
River Valley
Panel 6
River Valley
Panel 7
River Valley
Panel 8
River Valley
Panel 9
River Valley
Panel 10
River Valley
Panel 11
River Valley
Panel 12




River City Blossom

"River City Blossom"

This project is comprised of a series of 5 wood panels. 
for Eskaton Village Retirement Community. 
Eskaton village sits on 80 acres of open land 
with its own fruit orchards.

Each panel is 27" x 36".
Mixed media on acid washed brass
Commissioned by Art Consulting Services 
Roseville, CA.  
River City Blossom 1

River City Blossom 2

River City Blossom 3

River City Blossom 4

River City Blossom 5





  Rain Catcher
Passiflora 1

This landmark sculpture functions as an entry way
arch and is a contemporary interpretation of
botanical forms. Drawing inspiration from the
Passi Flora incarnata or Passion Flower, this
beautiful plant is indigenous to California and
found throughout most of the world.

12ft x 24ft x 3.5ft wide
Stainless Steel, Powder coat, LED Lights
Commissioned by Solano County Health Clinic
Fairfield, CA
  Rain Catcher
Passiflora 2
Rain Catcher
Passiflora 3
Rain Catcher
Passiflora 4
Rain Catcher
Passiflora 5
  Rain Catcher
Passiflora 6
Rain Catcher
Passiflora 7
Rain Catcher
Passiflora Install






Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher Detail 1


  Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher 2
Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher 3
"Rain Catcher"; from "Rain Garden, 
Broken Circle" Project

This project is inspired by the, "Renewed Life,"
that the Animal Shelters provides the pets that are
brought to it. The shape of the sculpture is derived
from plant forms, as plants and animals have an
intimate relationship in the environment.
The sculpture represents plants as seen from the
animal's perspective, looking up at very large forms.

10ft x 10ft x 18ft high
Stainless Steel, Slumped Glass, Powder Coating,
LED lights, Rainwater
Commissioned by Sacramento Metropolitan
Arts Commission for, County Animal Clinic
Sacramento, CA
  Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher 4
Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher 5
Rain Catcher
Rain Catcher night








Running Dog
Running Dog Detail 1

  Running Dog
Running Dog 2
Running Dog
Running Dog 3
  Running Dog
Running Dog 4


"Running Dog"; from "Rain Garden, 
Broken Circle" Project

"Running Doc / Broken Circle," is a series of
sculptures placed in a circle around the
courtyard island. "Broken Circle," refers to the
interruption of the cycle of life for these animals.
In some cases this is permanent. The idea being
that once the animals are healed, they are
returned to the cycle to continue healthy and
fulfilling lives. The dogs are running in a
stop-action (inspired by Edward Muybridge's
"Running Dog" photo series. I wanted to capture
the sense of energy and spirit that these animals

24ft diameter x 4ft tall
Stainless Steel, Cast Glass, Powder Coating,
LED lights
Commissioned by Sacramento Metropolitan
Arts Commission for, County Animal Clinic
Sacramento, CA


Pueblo Detail

The title of this work references some of the
traditional communities of the Southwest region.
The form of the art piece draws from adobe
building structure. More broadly, it symbolizes
a close-knit community working cooperatively,
the mission of the MRCOG.

22.5ft x 5.5ft
Cast Glass, LED lights, Terrazzo Composite,
Aluminum Frames
Albuquerque, NM 


Zephyr Detail

Two 5ft x 5ft x 10ft high
Stainless Steel, Concrete pad,
Epoxy composite, Acrylic, Trilon
Commissioned by Valley Transportation
Authority for the City of Santa Calara
Santa Clara, CA



Silver Sky 1
"Silver Sky"

140ft x 7.5ft
Acrylic, Epoxy / glass, Trilon, Powder Coated Aluminum Frames
Commissioned  by Office of Arts,
Culture & Film for the Montclair Recreation Center
Denver, CO
Sliver Sky 2

Sliver Sky 3

Sliver Sky 4

Silver Sky 5
Silver Sky 6





Oasis detail 1

850ft x 5ft
Acrylic, Epoxy / glass, Trilon,
Commissioned by Tucson / Pima Arts Council
Tucson, AZ
Oasis 2

Oasis 3

Oasis 4

Oasis 5
Oasis 6

Oasis 7





Elkin's Mill Detail
"Elkin's Mill"

8ft x 12ft
Epoxy / glass, cast aluminum, acrylic,
matte varnish
Commissioned by Linn-Benton
Community College
Albany, OR






River Trace Detail 1
"River Trace"

20ft x 14ft
Acrylic, Epoxy / glass, Trilon, Cast Aluminum
Commissioned for Cleveland State University
College of Urban Studies Lobby
Cleveland, OH
River Trace 2

River Trace 3

River Trace 4

River Trace 5

River Trace install 1

River Trace install 2

River Trace install 3

River Trace install 4
River Trace install 5

River Trace install 6

Alternate maquette





"Season Wall"

(4) walls 45ft x 6ft each
Acrylic, Epoxy / glass, Trilon
Ogden, UT 2002










Middle Sky Detail 1
"Middle Sky, On the Sun's Road"

18ft x 6ft
Acrylic, Concrete / Foam Laminate, Trilon
Commissioned by Tucson / Pima Arts Council
Tucson, AZ
Middle Sky 2

Middle Sky 3

Clay Mold





Laid Back Detail 1
"Laid Back California"

23ft x 6ft
Acrylic, Concrete / Foam Laminate, Trilon
Sacramento, CA

Laid Back install 2

Laid Back install 3

Laid Back install 4





Idaho 1
"Federal Courthouse project"

23ft x 7.5ft
Acrylic, Concrete / Foam Laminate
Commissioned by U.S. Courts District
of Idaho and Pocatello Arts Council.
Idaho 2

Idaho 3

Idaho 4

Idaho 5
Idaho install 1

Idaho install 2






23ft x 7.5ft
Acrylic, Concrete / Foam Laminate
Commissioned by  University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA
Iowa Perspective





Mather Field Detail 1
"Mather Field project"

6ft x 8ft
Acrylic on Concrete tiles
Sacramento, CA

Mather Field detail 2

Mather Field detail 3

Mather Field detail 4





Union City Detail 1
"Union City project"

80ft x 3ft
Acrylic on Concrete tiles, Trilon
Union City, CA

Union City detail 2

Union City detail 3

Union City detail 4

Union City detail 5





Salem Detail 1
"Salem project"

68ft x 10ft
Acrylic, Fiberglass, Trilon
Commissioned by City of Chico for new 
Downtown parking garage
Chico, CA
Salem detail 2

Salem detail 3

Salem detail 4
Salem detail 5

Salem detail 6

Salem detail 7



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